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Sale ● Disney A Bug's Life – 2-Disc DVD

Sale ● Disney A Bug's Life – 2-Disc DVD
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Sale ● Disney A Bug's Life – 2-Disc DVD
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Sale ● Disney A Bug's Life – 2-Disc DVD

Journey inside the world of bugs in this epic of miniature proportions. Crawling with imaginative characters, hilarious laughs and colorful animation, this PIXAR film will delight everyone -- young, old or six-legged.

Embark on an incredible journey with one little ant as he searches for a brave band of warriors to help him battle the bullying grasshoppers who threaten his home. When he stumbles on a bumbling troupe of circus bugs instead, their only hope for victory is the bond of friendship and the awesome power of imagination. Crawling with fun-loving characters and featuring a star-studded voice cast, this epic film of miniature proportions is a "triumph of storytelling," says the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bonus Features:

  • Abandoned Sequences: Scenes That Didn't Make The Final Cut -- Including The Original Opening Of The Film -- Presented In Storyboard Format.
  • Sound Design: Academy Award®-Winning Sound Designer Gary Rydstrom (Best Sound Effects Editing, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, 1998) Demonstrates How He Created Various Effects Throughout The Film.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Creation Of A BUG'S LIFE: John Lasseter, Steve Jobs, Andrew Stanton, And Others Share What Went Into The Creation Of Their Feature Film Follow-Up To TOY STORY.
  • Hilarious Outtakes
  • Pixar Animation Studios' Academy Award®-Winning Best Animated Short Film, GERI'S GAME (1997).
  • Early Presentation Reel
  • Original Story Treatment And Pitch Boards
  • Character Designs, Concept Art, And Color Scripts
  • Storyboard-To-Final-Film Split-Screen Comparison
  • Behind-The-Scenes With The Voice Talent
  • Early Production Tests
  • Production Progression Demonstration (Angle Feature Allows You To Move Through The Various Stages Of Production).
  • Trailers And Posters (From Domestic And International Releases)
  • Behind-The-Scenes Look At How The Film Was Recomposed From Its Original Widescreen Presentation To A Full-Screen Presentation For Home Video Release.
  • "Fishy Facts" About Disney/Pixar's FINDING NEMO
  • A bug's land Activity Games: Two All-New Games In Which You Can Be A Bug! Join Heimlich In His Attempt To Devour A Watermelon, And Play A Trivia-Based Game Of Hide-And-Seek With Francis The Ladybug!

Tech Specs:
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1, 2.35:1
  • Primary Language: English, French
  • Running Time: 95 minutes
  • For Region 1 use (US and Canada) only
  • Rating: G

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